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Information Digitization

Books / documents are essential part of information storage, and mostly they are in paper form. But with Webmint., you can convert all those books / documents into digital computer image files that are very secure, easily accessible and most importantly easily managed.

We shall also provide PDF conversion, XML Tagging, Indexing and Web based services as per your requirement with excellent security into a Digital format.

Digitization of Books and Hard Copies

Reading JPEG or PDF by OCR.
Converting and Formatting in MS-Office.

Data Conversion

OCR, Clean up job.
Scanning from Hard copies.
PDF to .DOC file Conversion
.DOC to .PDF file Conversion
.JPEG to .DOC file Conversion
.DOC to .JPEG file Conversion
Other file format conversion

Data Entry

Printed and Hand Written matter.
Hard Copies or Scanned Images.
Company Reports.
Index Cards.
Bill Cards.
Bill Entries.

Our other Services includes

Paper/Film/Computer file Conversion.
Data Entry/Key Boarding.
Scanning/OCR with file editing/Cleanup.
Insurance Claim Processing.
Forms Processing (Payroll, Accounts (AR, AP, GL) Data, mail list.


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